For Beginners

How to choose your first course? Here’s a little help:

Try Scuba
Not sure you’ll enjoy diving? Come to the Trial Dive first.
During the test dive, you’ll find out what diving with a device entails and then you’ll have a clear idea of where to go from there.
It’s also a great gift. 🙂

Referral course
Are you going on holiday but would like to take a course in peace with a Czech instructor? The Referral option includes pool lessons and all theory including international certification. When you are abroad, you just complete the open water dives and you are done.
Would you like to get started but the whole course doesn’t fit into your budget? Or you don’t want to wait for the summer? Start with the Referral course and continue later.
Do you want to buy the whole course as a gift, but you are not sure about the success? Referral will be enjoyed by anyone who likes water even a little bit.

Open Water Diver Course (OWD)
Do you want to get started and get an internationally recognised OWD certification with the right to dive independently in a buddy team to a depth of 18 metres? Then you are looking for an Open Water Diver course
The most common diving course for beginners with all the trimmings.
Still not sure? Email or call 725 316 772 (weekdays between 11am and 7pm) and we’ll help you out.